Agoura Hills CA Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

It would not matter if you clean your house regularly. Just like most homes, dirt will build up in your air vents. This is because you don’t really clean the vents. In addition, you have to know that the dirt, dead skin and the likes that you’re sweeping have to go somewhere, and a lot of them end up in the air ducts. Living in an affluent city like Agoura Hills wouldn’t exempt you from this. If you have air ducts, you need to have them cleaned by an air duct cleaning service in Agoura Hills.
While you’re at it, there are other services that you’d probably require. We’ll talk more about them here so you can be made aware of the need for a company like Mike Ductworks that can help you take care of these tasks.



Air Duct Cleaning

You may not see the dust accumulating in your air duct, but you can bet that they’re there. In fact, they’ve settled in quite nicely together with mold. This means that sooner or later, the air inside your home will be affected. You’ll soon be inhaling dust and mold which aren’t healthy to your lungs.

Your HVAC system is not a “set it and forget about it” setup. It would require maintenance and part of the maintenance procedure is cleaning. Fortunately, you have a company like Mike Ductworks that specializes in air duct cleaning service in Agoura Hills. You can contact us so we can check if there’s a need to clean the air ducts. Chances are there is. Whatever you do, don’t try to clean the air duct yourself. First of all, the air duct system is like a maze so it’s a bit complicated. The cramp spaces make it uncomfortable to check. Most importantly, it’s not good for your health to check it out yourself. You can contact Mike Ductworks to bring back the quality of air that you’re breathing inside your home to a maximum. It’s time to get those air ducts cleaned.


Air Duct Replacement

Mike Ductworks also recognizes that there are a lot of old homes in Agoura Hills. This is why the company decided to also offer air duct replacement in Agoura Hills. There will come a time when the air ducts need to be replaced to restore the efficiency of your HVAC system, and that time may be now in your case. In addition, it’s potentially dangerous if the air ducts are greatly damaged and you’re not going to replace them.


Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair

In addition to the air ducts, most homeowners in Agoura Hills and all over the world also forget about their dryer vents. They’re under the impression that the dryer vent is something that shouldn’t be maintained. Well, a lot of these homeowners find out the hard way that this isn’t the case. As a word of caution, your dryer vent can start a fire if not cleaned. With this safety hazard, we also decided to specialize in dryer vent cleaning in Agoura Hills.

The dryer vent is home to lint buildup. You may not see it, but there’s already a huge lint buildup in the vent. This is like tinder in a campfire. With the heat generated by the dryer, the buildup will get more than enough heat to start a fire. That’s something that you don’t want so allow us to take a look so we can clean the dryer vent. When we take a look, we can also see if the dryer vent needs to be repaired. We also offer dryer vent repair in Agoura Hills to make sure that your dryer is working as it’s supposed to.


Attic Cleaning

You’re under the impression that your attic is home to boxes of stuff that you don’t really use like old clothes, sporting goods, broken appliances and the likes. What you don’t know is your attic is also home to dust and mold. Worse, it’s also home to rodents and other pests. When was the last time that you cleaned your attic? There’s a good chance that it’s been years. After all, most people don’t even go to their attic. You can just imagine the amount of dust, mold and pests in there. At this point, it’s a bad idea to clean the attic yourself. It’s much better to contact us since we’re also offering attic cleaning service in Agoura Hills.

What are the attic cleaning benefits? You can get peace of mind knowing that the quality of air inside your home is improved because your attic will be free from dust and mold. Also, you don’t have to worry about pests invading the rest of your home.


Insulation Replacement

You have to know that your insulation is one of your best defenses against extreme heat and cold. Without it, you could die of heat stroke or freeze to death. It also helps you save money as it helps you lower down your electricity bills. Your insulation should be replaced regularly and you can take advantage of our insulation replacement Agoura Hills services. If you feel that your home is getting too hot or too cold, and if your electricity bill is rising, give us a call so you can experience the insulation replacement benefits.


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